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New books donated to Penza regional library

12:33 | 07.02.2016 | Culture


Penza, 7 February 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza Lermontov regional library has received a donation of a three-tome book, “Ethnic Russian Songs Recorded by Folk Song Artists of Russian Cities and The Foreign Countries.”

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The issue in question is the second printing of the first index of ethnic songs and melodies to be published in the Russian ethnomusicology field. The first printing, “Ethnic Russian Songs Recorded by Leningrad Folk Song Artists” – was originally released in 2003.

The issue focuses on melodies in notation of folk singers from outlying cities of Russia and the abroad, which are not commonly known or available.

The issue contains information on 3,600 melodies from a total of 95 sources, classified by type, groups and variations within the big areas of Russian North, North-West, West and South-West.

In a similar fashion as in the previous printing, the book features three tomes – the bibliographic index, the song notation book, and the music analysis index – which significantly simplifies the search for required melodies.

In addition, the library received a donation of several books from the series “The Russian Way: Pro Et Contra” dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory.

The omnibus book dedicated to Winston Churchill tells about one of the most tantalizing and controversial British personalities for the Russian readers, and attempts to analyze his personality with the Soviet mentality taken into account. In order to do that, the publishers featured a timeline selection of publications on Winston Churchill, which will help readers form their own opinion on the extraordinary politician.

Another book is dedicated to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd US President, which aims to be a “for-specialist” issue for historians and political analysts, as well as for the public in general, says the website of the Penza Lermontov regional library.

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