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Poetess Larisa Yashina holds recital in Penza

09:03 | 28.02.2016 | Culture


Penza, 28 February 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza Lermontov regional library held a recital event dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the poetess Larisa Yashina on Saturday, February 27.

Poetess Larisa Yashina holds recital in Penza

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It included the presentation of her two-volume book “My Love – The Province” that featured works by poets from the Penza region.

“From one anniversary to another, I […] was busy collecting the poems from poets of our province, areas, the region specifically about our province. Not simply some poems written about love or anything else. Specifically about our province, about the places where they live. And by today, with much difficulty, I must say, I finally managed to tear down this wall and issue a two-volume book. […] This book is also special because it is illustrated with paintings by our artists, so it is quite valuable for everyone,” Larisa Yashina said in the welcoming word to the audience.

The event lasted for nearly three hours, filled with warm feelings, as men confessed their love to Larisa Yashina and recited the poems dedicated to the heroine of the day.

One of the people to come and congratulate the literary personality was the city head Valery Savelyev, who presented her with the award “For Merits In Development of Penza City.”

“God blessed you with enormous talent that you are giving to the people, and first of all to citizens of our beloved Penza, with great responsibility and dedication. Dear Larisa Ivanovna, you made a great contribution to the literature and poetry of our city, region and our great Russia. […] Please allow me to convey to you the most sincere gratitude from myself, from City Duma deputies, from all deputy staff who yesterday practically unanimously voted for presenting you the award ‘For Merits In Development of Penza City’,” the city head said.

In turn, the Penza city mayor Victor Kuvaytsev, who was also present at the eventing, pointed out that Larisa Yashina makes her native city famous.

“Just as an example for you, our city of Penza, rather small for Russia, with only slightly above 500,000 population, has a great number of prominent and renown personalities of the day. […] And Larisa Ivanovna is one of the people that do everything to make Penza such a city, make Penza known, make Penza famous not just in Russia but worldwide, so that people would seek out Penza and not mistake it for any other city,” he stressed.

During the recital event, Larisa Yashina received a multitude of presents, including paintings and a teahouse, along with a number of musical dedications.

One of the most useful presents of the evening was a certificate for 10,000 rubles to publish the book, presented by Alexander Gulyakov, principal of the Penza State University.

“I do not have an opportunity to present you with any awards or certificates like our public officials. But I can present you money. From our university, we are presenting you a gift certificate. So far only for 10,000 rubles, for book publishing and the rest. However, I already signed the order to make it 50,000 rubles,” he noted.

Moreover, Larisa Yashina was congratulated with her birthday by students of the Belinsky gymnasium No. 1 where the poetess had studied, and Dmitry Kistin, commander of the volunteer team “Puls,” presented her with an Honorable Volunteer Certificate and the badge.

Larisa Yashina concluded the event with reciting her poems once more, after which her admirers came to the scene for another round of congratulations, a photo session and signatures.

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