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KinnoFest begins in Penza

18:28 | 28.03.2016 | Culture


Penza, 28 March 2016. PenzaNews. The fifth KinnoFest Russia-wide youth popular science film festival went underway at the Lermontov Penza regional library on Monday, March 28.

KinnoFest begins in Penza

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This year’s festival topic is “Evolution of Professions.” The competitors will be tasked to create video clips to depict the influence of innovations on evolution of professions in the modern society over the span of 48 hours, using the footage taken at Penza region enterprises.

Their works will be evaluated by the festival jury that features such people as: Stanislav Demchenko, leading film director and scriptwriter at the St. Petersburg Lennauchfilm studio; Irina Dulenina, professor of the St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television; Svetlana Starostina, film expert, producer and film director; Elena Glikman, film producer; and Ilya Yermolaev, film director, founder of Vi-Art production studio.

Stanislav Nikishov made a speech to the contestants during the opening ceremony.

“I hope the teams that will be taking part in the festival will be able to not only create good, high-quality works that we could watch in this hall, but also get charged with this energy of fresh creativity that practically hangs in the air of this wonderful city,” he said.

In turn, the deputy chairman of the Penza region government Valery Bespalov pointed out that a task to create a video clip in two days is a good example for those who say quick results are impossible.

“It is an example for all officials on how to use your time effectively if you have a proper objective,” he stressed.

The opening ceremony was followed by the competition draw, where each team chose an objective package for their work.

Afterwards, the audience watched a premier screening of Eduard Bordukov’s “The Box,” a film produced by Elena Glikman.

According to the producer herself, the film in question suits the festival audience, as it was created by young filmmakers as well.

“This is really a premier screening of the film. Its wide release is scheduled only on April 7. Even the Moscow screening will take place on March 30, so the audience here today is this film’s first. It is very important for me to listen to your impressions afterwards. I hope we will get much in common in our marks, in our conclusions, and in all thoughts the filmmakers tried to convey,” Elena Glikman pointed out.

During this year’s festival, the contestants will have to make some arguments on whether the traditional industrial professions of today would be in demand at innovative enterprises in the future, said Irina Dulenina.

“For example, what has changed in the job of a confectionary worker because of robots, mechanisms; who do we need confectionary workers, and whether this profession has a future,” she explained.

The festival will pit together a total of seven filmmaking crews, Irina Dulenina pointed out.

“We were sent 25 works, and chose seven best teams. The five crews from other cities and the two from Penza have already arrived. One from Penza, one more from the Penza region. Also – Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsky Krai, Vladimir, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Izhevsk,” she elaborated.

Also, Irina Dulenina highlighted the fact that the average age of contestants has shifted more towards maturity.

“The kids have grown up. Last year, half of them were school students, now more than a half of them are from universities. They are already working on TV channels or have filmmaking-related majors. We have representatives of the Moscow mass media institute, students from the State Institute of Cinematography, from the St. Petersburg Institute of Cinema and Television,” she said.

The jury was selected specifically to consult the contestants on various issues related to creating a film, Irina Dulenina stressed.

“By the end of this day, the contestants must write a film script, get acquainted with their enterprise and prepare for filming. The next day will be fully dedicated to filming, and then montage through the night and for a half of the next day. All members of jury will be aiding them at all stages,” she explained.

The closing ceremony of the festival on March 31 will feature a showing of all works of the contest, Irina Dulenina added.

“We will choose the grand winner and first to third places. Three more teams will be deemed laureates. I believe the clips will be good,” she concluded.

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