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“First Martins of Jazz” campaign held in Penza before Jazz May festival

20:53 | 14.05.2016 | Culture


Penza, 14 May 2016. PenzaNews. A campaign “First Martins of Jazz” was held in Penza on Saturday, May 14, before the local Jazz May festival.

“First Martins of Jazz” campaign held in Penza before Jazz May festival

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The event in the Denis Davydov public garden originally began on Moskovskaya street, where ladies on struts with Jazz May flags were rallying passers-by to participate.

Moreover, the event attractors featured young men painted silver who posed as living statues.

At the same time, a Jazz May logo installation appeared in the public garden for the people to take photos.

Another notable feature which appearedi n the public garden were three outline-painted “Lastochka” [lit. “Martin”] pianos for people – both children and adults – to paint them. According to the festival organizers, the pianos will be donated to the art hall “Kvartal Louie” after Jazz May, and later on they will be transferred to “House of Veronika.”

All pianos in the public garden are fully working, Anna Zavyalova, one of the organizers, told PenzaNews.

“The people who were watching for Jazz May events saw the announcement in the social networks, responded, and this is how we got our first instruments – our ‘first martins’,” she said.

While a group of people was busy painting the pianos, other people were performing melodies – even the tiny children who had difficulty reaching the keys.

In addition, the people took part in painting the art installation “House of Veronika” to support the construction of the eponymous boarding house for young people with disabilities. The painted installation will later be given to “House of Veronika” once its construction finishes.

During the campaign, people could play piano like jazz musicians by pressing the keys marked by paint after the professional pianist Roman Glazkov.

The pianist was naming the colors for the people to press, creating an impromptu jazz improv session.

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