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“Saransk” big band, Daniil Kramer’s trio perform in “Penza” concert hall for over 3 hours

10:45 | 22.05.2016 | Culture


Penza, 22 May 2016. PenzaNews. The “Saransk” big band and Daniil Kramer’s trio performed at the second day concert of the Penza Jazz May music festival for over three hours.

“Saransk” big band, Daniil Kramer’s trio perform in “Penza” concert hall for over 3 hours

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Alexander Kurin’s big band “Saransk” was the first to go to the stage of “Penza” cinema and concert hall. The leader of the musical band pointed out that this year’s audience is much bigger than a year ago.

“I guess there will be not a single free place next year, which is how it should be,” he said.

The musicians performed jazz compositions for over an hour, each featuring a solo by one of the instruments – sax, drums, or trumpet – eliciting ovations and bravoes from the audience.

also, “Saransk” performed one blues composition.

Their performance in Penza featured a debut – the song “Reach For The Skies,” written by Alexander Kurin in 1996, but performed in a big band format for the first time.

The audience was later surprised to see Kseniya Parkhatskaya, a jazz dance master who was scheduled to appear at 19.00 of Sunday, May 22, to emerge at the stage.

Kseniya Parkhatskaya and “Saransk” big band

After a 15-minute break, they were followed by Daniil Kramer’s trio.

Among other things, the musicians performed music by Frederic Shopin, to a great surprice and elucidation by the audience.

With their mastery, the trio of musicians managed to create an orchestral impression with their performance.

Daniil Kramer’s trio

Throughout almost the whole performance, the musicians played with their eyes closed, fully immersed in the music. Daniil Kramer himself was very emotional during the process, singing out every note as he played.

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