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Second Jazz May festival day ends with open-air cartoons session

12:01 | 22.05.2016 | Culture


Penza, 22 May 2016. PenzaNews. The second day of the 6th Jazz May music festival concluded with an open-air display of cartoons that featured at the cartoon festival “Bessonnitsa.”

Second Jazz May festival day ends with open-air cartoons session

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Throughout the whole of Saturday, May 21, the outdoors stage of the festival featured musical crews from Penza and other cities.

The day opened with a performance of “Zheltaya Zebra” ensemble from “Kvartal Louie,” and a short videoreel about the project “House of Veronika” that is to complete by November.

In her address to the audience, Maria Lvova-Belova, chairman of the Penza civil organization “Blagovest,” director of “Kvartal Louie” center for wheelchair users, idea inspirator for “House of Veronika,” pointed out that people can help fund the construction by buying fruit at the festival stand.

In addition, audience was able to send postcards right at the festival by buying cards and stamps and putting them in the box at “Penza” concert hall.

The schedule for Jazz May’s second day featured students of the Penza jazz performer Victor Chekh, bands “Gordia Nodo,” “Penza Brass,” “Stone Crazy,” “No Comments,” “Bologa Band” from Moscow, and Anatoly Naberezhny’s Penza municipal brass orchestra.

Also, the day featured entertainment for children and a fair, while young adults were playing board games and dancing.

The workshop area inside the “Penza” concert hall featured a meeting with the cartoon director Ivan Maximov and jazz composer pianist Daniil Kramer, as well as Anna Lukshina’s workshop and a children’s music class.

Also, “Penza” concert hall held an exhibition by drummer Ignat Kravtsov, who joined Daniil Kramer’s trio – it featured portraits of famous people and landscape shots.

The second day of Jazz May festival featured with an open-air display of several cartoons that featured at the festival “Bessonnitsa.” The video was displayed at the screen, while audio was available via the 99.9 FM broadcast that covered the square. At the same time, festival organizers closely watched the order at the festival grounds, and turned away all people with alcohol.

During the showcase, one of the visitors climbed onto the stage to do a dance, eliciting applause from the audience.

Reportedly, on the final day of Jazz May festival on Sunday, May 22, the open-air schedule will feature bands “Expromt,” “Sunday Morning,” V.P. Chekh musical school No. 15 band, “Mister Junior” from Samara, and “Osipova Band,” “Yulia Alimova Jazz Forever Band” and “Triangles” from Moscow.

In addition, Vyacheslav Zolotovsky will perform organ jazz at 17.00.

The workshop area at “Penza” concert hall will feature jazz ensemble, drumming and improve lessons and a lecture on jazz festivals.

Jazz May will conclude at 21.30 with a fire juggling show.

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