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Penza opens autographed book expo

12:17 | 06.07.2016 | Culture


Penza, 6 July 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza exhibition “Books Have Their Fate” dedicated to tomes autographed by renown people has opened at the Lermontov regional library.

Penza opens autographed book expo

Photo: Liblermont.ru

The library has over 700 books autographed by prominent personalities and donated by people from science and culture, renown local poets and writer; however, the event features only a part of them.

A prominent exhibit at the event is a compilation “New Poems” by Konstantin Romanov, first cousin once removed to the Russian Emperor Nicholas II, who used the alias “K.R.” for his works of literature.

Also, the exhibition displays autographs of the prominent Russian singer and the Lenin Award People’s Artist of the Soviet Union Lyudmila Zykina; writer and poet Sergei Mikhalkov; writer and holder of the Nobel Prize in writing Alexander Solzhenitsyn; and poet and songwriter Ilya Reznik.

The event also features a 2012 collector’s edition of Ivan Goncharov’s “Oblomov” – a gift of the Distinguished Artist of Russia German Mazurin, former student of the Savitsky Penza Arts College, who did the illustrations for the book.

The exhibition will close in late September, says the website of the Lermontov Penza regional library.

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