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Penza ensemble “Stargorod” releases fist vinyl record

13:10 | 10.04.2017 | Culture


Penza, 10 April 2017. PenzaNews. The Penza ensemble “Stargorod” established in 1999 released its first vinyl record. This was reported by the head of the band, the director of the centre of Russian choral and singing culture Mikhail Kokorin.

Penza ensemble “Stargorod” releases fist vinyl record

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According to him, the dream of the musicians was implemented thanks to financial support of the enterprise “CESIS NIKIRET”.

“We realize that all music is on the Internet nowadays. […] The compact disk might be experiencing its last days. The record – is a piece of art I believe. The sound that a record produces is softer, clearer and deeper than a digital sound – it is more like a live performance,” the interlocutor noted.

Mikhail Kokorin specified that it took them almost half a year to prepare 12 songs, two of which were recorded together with the vocalist Anatoly Nikolaev.

“On a large scale, we made a kind of a compilation of the best songs of the 20 years of the ensemble existence. It goes without saying that all songs were recorded this year even though they were released before,” the head of the ensemble explained.

He added that the vinyl record includes classical and pop music, jazz, potpourri, soundtracks and original compositions.

Mikhail Kokorin informed that the presentation of the record will be held during the charitable concert “Import substitution” in the concert hall “Penza” on Wednesday, April 19.

According to him, it will be possible to buy a record with musicians’ autographs by making a donation for the construction of the Spassky cathedral.

The head of the ensemble “Stargorod” specified that it is planned that the concert-presentation will be attended by the vocalists Anatoly Nikolaev, Tatyana Stailskaya, and Ekaterina Borodina.

“There is a time limit:  a record can contain a maximum of 45 minutes. That is why we will perform those songs that were not included in the record. The concert will consist of 20 compositions: in addition to 12 of them that were recorded, the ensemble will perform 8 other ones," the interlocutor said.

Mikhail Kokorin explained that at present the number of record copies amounts to 1,000 but if they are bought fast, additional records will be released.

Answering to the question what possible ways of its realization after the concert are, the head of the ensemble specified that they consider the possibility of selling vinyl disks in shops and hotels as a kind of a Penza souvenir.

"Penza guests will be able to take home a musical souvenir. Why not?" he noted expressing hope that it will contribute to the growth of interest to Penza culture as a whole.

"Many bands deserve to release a vinyl record, I think," the interlocutor added.

At the same time, according to Mikhail Kokorin, he cannot think of any Penza performer who released vinyl records lately – basically, they prefer compact discs because their net cost is about 10 times less.

"Penza has studios where one can record a song or make mastering, we have designers who can create a record cover. However, the cheapest way to release a vinyl record is to do it in Moscow. That is what we did: we ordered printing products there, the cover, and the vinyl itself, which was pressed and recorded there," the musician explained.

He reminded that previously "Stargorod" released two digital records – one instrumental and the other – vocal one with Irina Shvedova.

According to information posted on the website of the cultural establishment "Penzaconcert", 9 days before the album presentation, there were only 72 available tickets left out of 1,600.

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