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The Penza region on third place in Volga Federal District for habitation building cost price

11:42 | 10.02.2012 | Economy


Penza, 10 February 2012. PenzaNews. The Penza region took the third place in Volga Federal District after Ulyanovsk and Orenburg for cost price of building of 1 sq. meter of apartment houses of mass demand which monolithic, large-panel and volume-block 9-16 floors apartment houses of standard project. According to the research spent by Builders Association of Russia (ASR) together with the Union of Engineers- Estimators in January 2012, the cost price of building in the Ulyanovsk region is makes 25 466 rubles per 1 sq. meter, in the Orenburg region — 29 342 rubles, in the Penza region — 29 534 rubles.

The Penza region on third place in Volga Federal District for habitation building cost price

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The highest cost price in the Volga Federal District is in Bashkiria (38 290 rubles), Samara (35 402 rubles) and Perm (35 149 rubles).

The average cost price of building of habitation in Russia, according to ASR is 36 978 rubles.

According to the analytical report of ASR, indicators of cost price of building and the prices of the primary market are resulted taking into account simple base furnish (coloring, wall-paper, distributing, parquet birch, linoleum, gas or electric stoves, lifts), external networks and accomplishment, average level of other works and expenses of builders in the course of preparation of building, production cycle and house commission, including average level of investors’ assignment for infrastructure development.

“Considering that many apartment houses are commissioned without furnish of apartments, door to door distributing of systems of hot and cold water supply, installation of cookers and sanitary engineering the cited data can be decreased by 6–8 %,” the report goes.

Average market indicators of offers in the primary market of habitation counting on 1 sq. meter make in the Penza region 32 630 rubles, offers in the secondary market is 33 338 rubles.

The cheapest habitation in the primary market is in Ulyanovsk (30 672 rubles per 1 sq. meter), the most expensive is in Nizhny Novgorod (47 517 rubles). Leaders at the lowest and highest cost of secondary habitation are also Ulyanovsk (32 465 roubles) and Nizhny Novgorod (53 97 roubles) regions.

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