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Leadership changes at “Biosintez” in Penza

12:25 | 06.11.2014 | Economy


Penza, 6 November 2014. PenzaNews. Dmitry Boldov, former director of JSC “Marbiofarm,” has been chosen as the new general director of Penza-based JSC “Biosintez” – one of top 10 Russian pharmaceutical factories.

Leadership changes at “Biosintez” in Penza

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The Board of Directors had decided on early termination of office for Olga Klygina, the former general director, on October 24.

The seven board members present, including the chairman Grigory Levitsky and directors Tatyana Geit, Olga Klygina, Vladimir Kolesnikov, Sergey Lapin, Elena Loven and Alexander Krikun, has unanimously voted for early termination of contract.

The five-year employment contract with Dmitry Boldov, the new general director of JSC “Biosintez,” has been signed as of October 28, 2014.

According to the charter of JSC “Biosintez” published on the company website, the organization has been registered at the administration of Zheleznodorozhny area of the Penza region on November 26, 1992.

The equity capital has been set at 286,283 rubles, divided among 286,283 1-ruble registered shares. The capital can be increased by increasing the share denomination or issuing additional shares.

The joint stock company is governed by the annual stockholders meeting, the board of directors and the general director.

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