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“Penzensky” dairy complex presented unique cheese brand “Chembar”

14:22 | 03.12.2014 | Economy


Penza, 3 December 2014. PenzaNews. JSC “Penzensky” Dairy Complex (Part of DAMATE group) presented a cheese of “Chembar” brand. It took the former name of the town of Belinsky in the Penza region that now hosts the factory of the cheese.

“Penzensky” dairy complex presented unique cheese brand “Chembar”

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“We opened our top-level factory in Belinsky town in September. Currently, it’s equipped with the best tools. We began producing traditional cheese – Rossiysky, Gollandsky and Poshekhonsky. However, we decided to make a New Year present to citizens of Penza and other regions and make our own brand – ‘Chembar’,” said Rashid Khayrov, general director of DAMATE group, during a press conference in Penza on Wednesday, December 3.

He stressed that the new product is unique in many parts, from a special receipt that had been developed for around a year, to quality water from Belinsky area that requires almost no filtering.

According to Roman Kalentyev, general director of “Molkom,” over 2 million rubles were spent on receipt and design.

“The cheese production has been fully coordinated. The Belinsky factory will make over 7,000 tons of ‘Chembar’ cheese a year. The product will be sold not only in the Penza region, but through store networks including X5, Magnit, Diksi and Spar in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tolyatti, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov and Tambov. We plan to expand the sales region more,” mentioned Roman Kalentyev.

The main technical specialist of JSC “Penzensky” Dairy Complex Svetlana Kitayeva stressed that “Chembar” is made only from 100% pure high quality milk.

“The new brand will appear in stores in two variations: ‘Chembar Classic’ and ‘Chembar Light.’ Both have tender milky taste with a sour bit, and are fairly thick and chewy. Until now, light low-fat cheese was in stores was seldom presented and mostly came from abroad,” said Svetlana Kitayeva.

She explained that cheese will be sold in 250g flow-pack units that will guarantee freshness of the product.

“The directors of the company hope that new ‘Chembar’ cheese will become a trademark of the Penza region, such as the Parmese ham and the Champagne wine,” stressed Rashid Khayrov. 

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