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Seminar on project management hosted by Austrian expert began in Penza

15:54 | 03.12.2014 | Economy


Penza, 3 December 2014. PenzaNews. A two-day training seminar on project management hosted by Maximilian Foedinger, an Austrian business coach on international management, marketing and business strategies, began in a Penza innovative business incubator on Wednesday, December 3.

Seminar on project management hosted by Austrian expert began in Penza

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As Pavel Udalov, head of innovation policy and special projects of the regional government, told PenzaNews agency, the event has been organized for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as state servants.

“Implementing a project-oriented approach is a very popular topic. Some of its mechanisms are universal in both public and private management. I hope specialists will receive a lot of new information that will enable to structure projects so that they are successful and give the final commercial effect in the course of the seminar,” the agency interlocutor said.

In his turn, Maximilian Foedinger noted that the main goal of the seminar is to teach students the correct method of project management.

“When working on each project, first of all, you shouldn’t be afraid of anything. If a person thinks in advance how difficult it will be, the project is doomed. Good planning is also very important, because if something goes wrong at the beginning, there will be no result,” he explained.

The expert added that the principles which he teaches can be applied to different types of projects.

“This method is suitable for classical projects and innovative ones. But innovation has its own nuances, and here project management is vital,” he said.

At the beginning of the seminar, Maximilian Foedinger asked each participant to introduce themselves and tell the audience about their field of work.

After that, the Austrian coach shared project experiences implemented in different countries. Among other things, they considered problems of goal setting and team building, making the list of stakeholders, work assignment and network diagram statement.

During the second day of this session, the participants will be introduced to team qualification and risk assessment analysis methods, the concept of an HR matrix, the options of using the logical structure principle, and the ways to monitor project implementation progress.

The training was organized by JSC “Center of cluster development.” 

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