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Newly built “Druzhba” oil pipeline section bypassed Penza

18:59 | 11.02.2015 | Economy


Penza, 11 February 2015. PenzaNews. The new 89-km section of “Druzhba” oil pipeline, and an oil pumping station (PS) “Penza-1,” have been built during a project aimed at avoiding crossing the territory of Penza city with the oil artery.

Newly built “Druzhba” oil pipeline section bypassed Penza

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At the moment, the station has external power supply, an automated power accounting system and an automated information and measuring system of commercial electricity measurement.

The first phase of Penza bypass project had cost about 8 billion rubles.

The need to move the pipeline to other areas and bypass the city arose in connection with population growth and expansion of the city boundaries, resulting in residential territories of Zheleznodorozhny and partially Oktyabrsky districts being too close to the technological corridor, explained Igor Apasov, head of the linear production-dispatching station (LPDS) “Penza.”

“The new pipeline route is far away from densely populated neighborhoods of Penza,” he said.

Currently, the project launched in 2012 is halfway complete.

A new section of “Druzhba-1” pipeline has been built, and the oil pumping station “Kizhevatovo-1” was disabled and dismantled. In addition, the specialists constructed an OPS “Penza-1” that was filled with oil in January 2015.

It is planned to build a second rounding section of “Druzhba,” and the oil pumping station “Penza-2.” The estimated cost of the second phase of the project is over than 9 billion rubles. The project is scheduled to be completed by 2019.

One of the non-standard solutions in the project was the construction of a 110-kV power line leading to the OPS “Penza-1,” which partially runs underground. The underground connections were laid in areas where construction of land line was impossible, such as densely built-up industrial zones with a large number of conventional power lines.

According to reports, this is the first 110-kV underground cable transmission line in the Penza region.

It is expected that the use of modern energy-efficient equipment and materials in the construction of pumping station “Penza-1” will reduce the unit cost of energy consumption.

According to Nikolai Chuprikov, advisor to the general director of JSC “Transneft–Druzhba,” they had a number of problems when building Penza rounding section which were successfully resolved with the aid of regional and municipal authorities.

He added that a beneficial bilateral cooperation is carried out under the agreement between “Transneft” and the Penza region signed in October 2013.

“We signed an addendum to the contract for 86 million rubles, which involves the provision of charitable assistance to socially significant institutions of the Penza region. The agreement meets the interests of both the region and ‘Druzhba’,” he said.

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