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Mikhail Kosoy: Restrict number of officials entitled to approve roadmaps

17:40 | 25.02.2015 | Economy


Penza, 25 February 2015. PenzaNews. Mikhail Kosoy, chairman of the Penza region government, suggested municipalities to cut down the list of officials entitled to approve the documentation related to business development support measures.

Mikhail Kosoy: Restrict number of officials entitled to approve roadmaps

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All regional municipalities must have regulations that simplify and accelerate building permit acquisition and set up technical committees before March 1 as part of the investment climate improvement roadmap, the official reminded.

“The Bessonovo area adopted everything in December: the roadmaps, the regulations, the technical council for preparing planning documents. The second place goes to those who, as of Friday last week, did the hardest part of the job, the regulations. These are the Bekovo, Zemetchino, Tamalin, Pachelma, Spassk and Malaya Serdoba areas,” Mikhail Kosoy said during a meeting held in Lermontov regional library on Wednesday, February 25.

According to him, most administration officials that rank below department heads must be banned from “ink-blotting the papers.”

“All these insignificant scribbles – some departments put as many as 120 of their signatures, – all of them are just pretexts for petty bribery and routine corruption,” noted the chairman of the regional government.

He expressed hope that adopting this decision will help avoid situations where a minor official “shelves [a document] for two weeks,” “waiting for a chocolate bar or a chicken” from the applicants.

As an example, he described Moscow that made and successfully adopted such a motion.

“And they work, nothing bad happened to Moscow,” Mikhail Kosoy stressed.

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