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National Vegetable Producers Union delegation visits Penza greenhouse

18:32 | 25.03.2015 | Economy


Penza, 25 March 2015. PenzaNews. The delegation of the National Vegetable Producers Union led by its president Sergei Korolev has inspected the production facilities of JSC “Penza Greenhouse Plant” during their visit to the region on Wednesday, March 25.

National Vegetable Producers Union delegation visits Penza greenhouse

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The tour was held by the company’s general director Elena Shleina.

According to her, the greenhouse complex covers 22 hectares.

“The company grows cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. This year, the plant attempts to produce oyster mushrooms, which we did well. There are plans to grow open field potatoes and all vegetables, including carrots, beets, as well as seedlings for covered greenhouses,” director of “Penza Greenhouse Plant” explained.

The company produced 7,800 tons of vegetables in 2014, including 6.6 thousand tons of cucumbers, she said.

“We have great potential and great aspirations,” stressed the head of the plant, adding that they are actively working on a program to sell the produce in local store chains.

In his turn, Minister of Agriculture of the Penza region Andrei Burlakov noted that the region was given the mission to significantly increase close- and open-ground vegetable production.

“In addition to growing vegetables, there are plans to construct logistics centers. The first-tier center, for potatoes and vegetables, has been built in the village of Shiryaevo in the Belinsky area. Construction works will resume this year. Later on, we will build a large ‘Magnit’ wholesale distribution center that will service the surrounding area. These developments already pushed us to develop new state export markets,” the minister noted.

Right now, Andrei Burlakov explained, Penza potatoes arrive to local markets through the “Magnit” distribution center in Tambov, which results in additional costs.

“Moreover, this year the ‘Kizhevatovo’ platform is planned to become a construction site for the logistics center, which will provide space for warehousing goods, including potatoes and vegetables, as well as storage, packing and delivery not only for the city, but also outside the region. There are also plans to build two logistics centers in Lunino and Nikolsk areas,” the head of the regional Ministry of Agriculture explained.

He also cited data showing that the region consumes 150-155 thousand tons of potatoes, while only 62,000 tons are produced locally.

“This year, I believe we can reach at least 75-80% of the demand, and in a year we’ll cover the demand and be ready to supply [potatoes] outside the Penza region,” Andrei Burlakov noted.

Sharing their impressions, the representatives of the National Vegetable Producers Union pointed out that the issue of local production of goods is particularly important in the current economic situation, and expressed their willingness to continue tight cooperation with the Penza region.

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