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Evgeniy Yasin: Small business never widespread in Russia

17:59 | 31.03.2015 | Economy


Penza, 31 March 2015. PenzaNews. Small business has never been widespread in Russia, and the current situation is not beneficial for its development, suggested Evgeniy Yasin, former Russian Minister of Economy (1994-1997), academic advisor of the National Research University “Higher School of Economics,” president of “Liberal Mission” foundation.” The proclamation was made during the conference “Anti-crisis technologies of 2015. Regional Business: Fight or Flight” held at “Frau Gross” restaurant hall in Penza on Tuesday, March 31.

Evgeniy Yasin: Small business never widespread in Russia

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“Small enterprises make only about 5-6% of businesses in Russia, while it reaches approximately 35-40% in Europe, maybe even more,” he said.

According to the economist, the government must place emphasis on developing innovative businesses that should originate from Russia and not from Europe, go along its own path of development, and find its own market.

A small enterprise, Evgeniy Yasin added, is successful only when the businessman not only tries to reach certain figures but does the work he likes.

Speaking of his attitude towards the economic crisis, he noted that uneasy economy allows everybody to show their worth.

“I like crises, because they create an atmosphere where people without enough energy begin believing their actions may let them succeed while their opponents fail. Therefore, a crisis creates opportunities for a significant industry shift,” said the HSE academic advisor.

However, he stressed the fact that none of the big crises in the last 25 years he remembers led to a true success for the economy.

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