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Viktor Kuvaytsev puts forward proposals to increase regional budget revenues

16:35 | 21.05.2015 | Economy


Penza, 21 May 2015. PenzaNews. Mayor Viktor Kuvaytsev put forward a number of proposals to increase the budget revenues of Penza during the meeting of the standing committee of the City Duma on the budget, financial and tax policy, that took place on Thursday, May 21.

Viktor Kuvaytsev puts forward proposals to increase regional budget revenues

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The report on the 2014 Penza budget was presented by the chief of the city financial department Olga Zavyalkina.

“In 2014, revenue plan was fulfilled by 94.4%. The city budget received 9,533.6 million rubles at the planned amount of 10,096.4 million. We could not obtain the necessary 562.8 million rubles. The tax and non-tax revenues plan was completed only by 88.9%,” she specified.

Viktor Kuvaytsev drew the deputies’ attention to the fact that in the first quarter 2015 the non-tax revenues are lagging behind the plan.

“We do not have the figure we would like to see, although there are reserves. Therefore, colleagues, I propose taking two paragraphs from the report of the Control and Accounts Chamber (CAC) and include them in the draft decision that we have made on the issue. The first paragraph states that the land and property in the treasury must be used more effectively,” he said.

The head of the city added that currently the Penza municipal property department are working on eliminating the CAC critical notes.

“This should also produce results. In order to get off the ground, it is necessary to organize active claim work. The second paragraph implies that we should urge the administration [of Penza] to work more closely with bailiffs to achieve a positive result. We understand that it is only prospective,” Viktor Kuvaytsev noted.

According to him, another important factor is the right offer of land to the parties interested.

“We should act in a more businesslike manner, offering the land in such a way that it turns to be in demand, and moreover, has greater value. [...] If the potential developer receives an offer for a plot of land at his request, and we find a way to extend it through the purchase of existing surrounding [area], the land will come at a different cost. This approach should also be used,” the head of the city suggested.

Referring to Olga Zavyalkina, he asked to set the date by which the Penza financial department will submit a report on the budget implementation with the requirements made.

“We need to indicate the deadline for the task to have an opportunity to review the results at the intermediate stage, not waiting for the end of the year. It would probably be best if this is done in six months,” Viktor Kuvaytsev said.

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