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TNS Energo Penza debt continues growing, payment plans disrupted

15:44 | 28.05.2015 | Economy


Penza, 28 May 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza power distribution company “TNS Energo Penza,” a guarantor power supplier for the region, continues to let its debts to “Penzaenergo,” branch of “MPSK Volga” and region’s largest electricity company, grow, which breaks all payment plans.

“Currently, ‘TNS Energo Penza’ owes over 405 million rubles for power transmission services in March-April 2015. They should have paid their bills, over 390 million rubles, on May 15, but currently ‘TNS Energo Penza’ is only covering its March debt. This situation becomes increasingly regular, right from February 2014 when ‘TNS Energo Penza’ began working in the region,” says the message sent to PenzaNews agency by “Penzaenergo” on Thursday, May 28.

According to it, the vast debt “is becoming chronic”: the debts are increasing while “TNS Energo Penza” makes no constructive suggestions on money transfers that would comply to the contract and the Russian law.

“The consequences of such behavior are bigger than it may seem. Firstly, the region’s power supply system is currently funding-depraved, which puts the task of preparing the power network for autumn and winter to danger. Secondly, the interests for loans the power network companies have to take to pay salaries and taxes are growing, and the interest may eventually be added up to the power bills. Thirdly, the power network company that is basically providing a loan to ‘TNS Energo Penza’ places itself in a difficult financial situation with the growing necessity of regular repairs required for reliable power supply in the whole region,” says the press release.

Following the tariffs in the Penza reigon, “Penzaenergo” acts as a contractor for the local power companies, the message clarifies.

“Thus, ‘TNS Energo Penza” deprives the low-class power companies of any funding by failing to pay their debts and enforce them to conduct repairs amidst a lack of money,” the text stresses.

“Our appeals to ‘TNS Energo Penza’ to follow their contractual obligations and regulate their payment discipline has failed to affect the situation,” the press release states.

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