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Penza city head urged subordinates to put less pressure on budget

17:44 | 17.06.2015 | Economy


Penza, 17 June 2015. PenzaNews. The head of Penza city Victor Kuvaytsev urged the city officials to review the current budget spendings with an utmost scrutiny and eliminate all unnecessary expenses.

The head of Penza city Victor Kuvaytsev

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The amendments to the Penza city budget plan in 2015 and the planning period of 2016-2017 was one of the main topics on the session of the permanent City Duma committee on budget, financial and tax policy held on Wednesday, June 17.

The head of the city’s financial department Olga Zavyalkina held a report.

“There is an offer to increase the profit section of the city budget for a total of 151,571,400 rubles. These are the funds we receive from the higher-level budget. We are spending the money on co-financing the construction of kindergartens, for a total of 61,976,000 rubles; 3,417,500 rubles are intra-budgetary transfers the region has allocated to pay for temporary residence of the people who were forced to leave Ukraine. 80,394,000 rubles are other intra-budgetary transfers that will be mostly used to fund large-scale construction works,” she explained.

After hearing the report, Victor Kuvaytsev asked her about the reasons behind the use of 1 million rubles to conduct the current repairs of offices of the Zheleznodorozhny area administration.

“Is it necessary? We’ve got so many offices in administration buildings,” he remarked.

As Olga Zavyalkina explained, the city procurement office is scheduled to move from its current location on Suvorova street to the building of the Zheleznodorozhny city area administration.

“The offices they were offered are unoccupied and not used by anybody. We made the quote on the current repairs that include replacing the windows and the doors. The sum was 2,033,000 rubles. The municipality cut down the expenses to fully move the procurement center and help it go online, so we are allocating 1 million rubles. The other offices in the administration are all occupied. As far as I know, there are no other free offices we can use,” she explained.

In return, the Penza city head asked the top official of the financial department to once again reevaluate the necessity of including these repairs in the expense list.

“I focused my attention on this point, as we have similar cases. Must we do that, when our budget is strained so much? We already spoke of the fact that we must stop spending money on things we can currently do without in our work,” Victor Kuvaytsev stressed.

He also added that many issues are largely caused by the careless use of the currently available financial resources and not by the lack of funds in the city budget.

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