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Jiangxi province delegation visits Penza

10:12 | 25.06.2015 | Economy


Penza, 25 June 2015. PenzaNews. A project of a pig-breeding farm and a potential to use the resource-rich areas in the Penza region were the topics that attracted great interest of the delegates who arrived to the region from the Chinese province of Jiangxi on Wednesday, June 24, with a one-day business trip.

The Penza region at the meeting was represented by officials of the Ministry of Investments, Ministry of Agriculture, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Penza Region Development Corporation.

According to the head of the Chinese delegation Wei Xiaoqin, deputy head of the people’s assembly in the province, the region that she represents has well-developed agriculture, production and construction sectors.

In his turn, the acting deputy chairman of the Penza region government Vladimir Volkov gave a presentation of the region, and told the Chinese guests about their examples of successful cooperation with the PRC partners.

Among the already implemented projects are a cement factory, an open-air vegetable production facility, as well as a brick factory and a shitake mushrooms production facility that are currently under construction, he clarified.

“We are particularly interested in partners in projects on low-quality wood processing, fish breeding and processing, and glass sands extraction,” Vladimir Volkov said.

He also reminded about the agreement between Russia and China to construct a Moscow–Kazan railway segment signed at the St. Petersburg International Economics Forum, and invited the guests to consider mutual infrastructure projects in the Penza region.

At the end of the meeting, the Jiangxi province delegation praised the investment potential of the Penza region, requested detailed information on possibilities and legislative limitations for Chinese facilities that would be constructed in the region, and said they intended to look more closely into potential cooperation in certain areas.

The parties agreed to hold the next meeting in the region, this time with a delegation of Chinese businessmen who took interested in the project, by the end of 2015, says the press service of Penza Region Development Corporation.

The Chinese province of Jiangxi is located on the southern shore of the middle and lower section of Yangtze river. A territory of nearly 167,000 sq. meters hosts a population of 45 million.

Jiangxi is known for its quick economic growth, its GDP increasing by 1 trillion 433.85 billion renminbi in 2013.

The province is distinguished by its well-developed industrial sector, particularly in such areas as machinery, electrical goods, car and tractor construction, as well as textile, steel, chemicals and paper production.

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