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Land plot cadastre price for areas used by “Ochakovo,” “Metro” center to change soon

09:37 | 25.07.2015 | Economy


Penza, 25 July 2015. PenzaNews. The authorities will revise the cadastre price for the land plots of “Ochakovo” restaurant on Moskovskaya street, Gusilovsky market and “Metro” shopping center on Karpinskovo street, “Triumf” shopping center on Surovova street and several other locations as part of the campaign to account for the actual use of the lands in the local municipality.

Moreover, the documents for the land plot on Belinskovo street, No. 7, are already submitted to the evaluation agency for the review.

The land plots with artificial water basins with required documents on their ownership are already being reevaluated.

A similar procedure took place for the land taken by dormitories and apartment buildings: however, according to the Russian Tax Codex, the land plots in the ownership of an apartment building are not subject to taxation.

The State Property Department of the Penza region has prepared legal acts on 817 land plots out of the 1,462 with the assigned cost of 1 ruble. It is expected that these acts will lead to a revision of these costs.

The changes in cadastre prices for these land plots will take place by September 1, 2015, the press service of the Penza region clarifies.

As PenzaNews agency reported earlier, the acting governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev instructed his subordinates to review the cadastre pricing of the land plots in the region and in the city on June 29.

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