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New “T Plus” Penza branch director outlines company’s work direction

19:21 | 29.07.2015 | Economy


Penza, 29 July 2015. PenzaNews. The new director of the Penza branch of “T Plus” Alexander Suslov has outline the potential for the development of heating complex during his first press conference as the head of the department held on Wednesday, July 29.

The director of the Penza branch of “T Plus” Alexander Suslov

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In the beginning of the meeting, he gave a detailed explanation of the recently finished restructuring of the heating companies.

“Following our new development concept, a company ‘T Plus Penza’ was created using the Penza heating networks, but we hold 100% of the shares in the company and have the same function: providing heating to the city. Only the management structure changed slightly,” Alexander Suslov explained.

He added that the company “T Plus” currently holds the second place in the world on heating, with representative offices in 16 regions of Russia.

“There are many issues. The pipelines are in an alarming state. As you can see, we have ‘unearthed’ the city. There are justified complaints that say we work too long on certain areas, but this is due to poor funding. The debt for heating is about 1 billion 700 million rubles,” he said.

Alexander Suslov also said the billing system for heating may change in the future.

“As of January 1, 2016, ‘Teplosnabzheniye’ will receive money only for transfer of heat, while we will receive money directly from the payment center. This all will be calculated using the management instruments,” said the branch director.

According to him, a new intermediate system will be set in place as of August 1 that will distribute money from the people in the accounting center while ‘Teplosnabzheniye” will recieve money from companies.

“We sent a request to the tariff organizations to set a tariff for us for end users and a transportation tariff for ‘Teplosnabzheniye.’ Waiting for the decision,” the person stressed.

He also added that the main task now is to prepare Penza for the yuletide times.

“There is still time, although it is scarce. We have over 6 km of pipelines scheduled for replacement in 2015. We have materials, almost all work agreements are signed. The only thing left is procurement procedures on two areas,” Alexander Suslov said.

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