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Penza City Duma deputies discuss business development issues

16:50 | 17.08.2015 | Economy


Penza, 17 August 2015. PenzaNews. Issues of Penza business support became the main during the session of the City Duma Standing Commission on the socio-economic development, industry, transport, communications and entrepreneurship, held on Monday, August 17.

Penza City Duma deputies discuss business development issues

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The report was made by Alexei Ryabov, acting deputy head of Penza administration, who presented generalized information about existing programs to support small and medium-sized businesses.

Further on, city head Victor Kuvaytsev asked whether local producers have an opportunity to sell their products through chain stores.

Nadezhda Milyaeva, head of development of entrepreneurship, industry and consumer market of Penza administration informed that all the conditions for that have been created, and the local producers are represented at 60% in the shops of the city

After that, deputy Igor Kostin raised the issue of the sale of crops surplus grown by the Penza residents in home gardens. Hearing that additional 18 trade areas have been organized for this purpose, the deputy spoke about the micro-district Sever, where no proper conditions have been created for the gardeners.

“People are sent back and forth, so many obstacles to overcome. They are not going to another district,” Igor Kostin said.

Nadezhda Milyaeva promised to discuss the situation with the owner of the shopping center “Oktyabrsky” in order to provide trading areas for gardeners there.

Continuing the topic of supporting local producers, deputy Alexander Strelnikov reminded about the fair, successfully held in trade and entertainment complex “Kollazh” in spring 2015, presenting the author's accessories made of leather and furs, hosiery products, shoes and clothing.

“The residents of our city got to know about local producers. After that, we visited several companies to find out the opinion about the fair. It turned out that such events are very useful,” he stressed.

Alexander Strelnikov offered to organize such fairs more often to introduce the residents of Penza to the local businesses, and give a reason for being proud of the small home.

To sum up, Victor Kuvaytsev drew attention to the fact that such events should involve the members of the Penza City Duma.

“They have interesting, various companies. Visiting them, we can make sure that our colleagues have clear and much needed business for the city residents. It is significant that they pay taxes, and most importantl, they know how to create jobs and make money,” the head of Penza concluded.

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