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Investtorgbank clients in Penza cannot withdraw money

15:12 | 28.08.2015 | Economy


Penza, 28 August 2015. PenzaNews. The clients of the Penza branch for the Investment Trade Bank (Investtorgbank) that was recently placed under temporary management from the Deposit Insurance Agency under the decree of the Bank of Russia experience difficulties in withdrawing money or making any other transactions.

Investtorgbank clients in Penza cannot withdraw money

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As one of the Investtorgbank clients told PenzaNews agency, he arrived to the bank office early on Friday, August 28, but encountered a queue of 30-40 persons.

“They told me they all came there to withdraw money, as the bank has serious problems. They all were tense, to put it lightly. Waiting was fruitless, so I left. After coming back at about half past one, I saw the queue was nearly dissipated – about 5-7 people. There was no panic, but no money given out either,” the speaker said.

He quoted the bank operators saying all operations have been temporarily blocked until the decision from the Bank of Russia.

“A similar situation is with business accounts. They all were suspended. No withdrawals or additions,” the Investtorgbank client explained.

The interviewee added that he finally managed to queue up for September 7 to withdraw money.

“But this is not the final date. I must call the bank on August 31, when there will be a decision,” he explained.

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