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Penza region net sugar beet harvest reaches some 530,000 tons

10:47 | 24.09.2015 | Economy


Penza, 24 September 2015. PenzaNews. The net harvest of sugar beet in the Penza region has reached 529,600 tons, according to information available on Wednesday, September 23.

The average yield of sugar beet is 3,16 quintals per hectare, the press service of the regional Ministry of Agriculture informed PenzaNews agency.

“The highest yield is registered in the Kolyshley area at 4,15 quintals, and in the Pachelma and Bekovo areas at 3,80 and 3,40 quintals per hectare respectively,” they clarified.

According to the press service, the Penza region agriculture industry already processed over 312,000 tons of sugar beet and produced 45,000 tons of sugar, which is 22,100 tons higher than a year ago.

“In the previous year, on September 23,2014, the net sugar beet harvest in the Penza region was 396,300 tons, with the average yield of 302 quintals per hectare,” the regional Agriculture Ministry informed.

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