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Malt sugar factory projected in Kamenka

18:40 | 30.10.2015 | Economy


Penza, 30 October 2015. PenzaNews. A malt sugar factory project in Kamenka of the Penza region is currently in development, the governor Ivan Belozertsev announced during the October 30 grand press conference that took place in the regional government on Friday.

The governor Ivan Belozertsev

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“There is space, there are lands. The offices where they can come are in private hands. The private owner is ready to make them work. The Moscow colleagues, two companies, are ready to come. The talks have been held. We are ready to give them incentives to work,” he said.

Another investment project – a vegetable farming facility – is planned in Serdobsk, Ivan Belozertsev added.

“These are new investors that can do that. They have prepared a project for us, we are currently reviewing it. We are ready to provide them land, free of charge, in a special industrial parl zone. I have the lawful right to do so, and am ready to do it, especially since it has good roads, good land, and we offer them this opportunity,” explained the head of the region.

Moreover, according to the governor, DAMATE Group received 62 new areas for its plans to expand turkey meat production in the Penza region up to 30,000 tons a year.

“This is also a big investment,” Ivan Belozertsev stressed.

Moreover, he noted that “Chekizovo” also plans to come into the region with a big project, and the agreement may be signed as soon as on November 13.

“In the Kuznetsk area, we are currently working with the Germans to create a furniture production facility. Their cluster is developing well, they have modern equipment. They are ready to come, but the main issue with the investors is obtaining a loan. We are also working on that with the head of the municipality,” said the governor.

Many investment projects are related to agriculture, Ivan Belozertsev pointed out.

“I gave the orders on our planning meeting for the Ministry of Agriculture together with the Ministry of Construction and Communal Services to prepare projects of mini-farms,” he explained.

Such investment projects need support as they help lowering unemployment in main regional towns and villages, the governor noted.

“Therefore, we will be working with this issue more actively,” concluded Ivan Belozertsev.

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