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Penza to hold 5th “Business Development” forum

13:11 | 10.11.2015 | Economy


Penza, 10 November 2015. PenzaNews. The restaurant hall “Frau Gross” in the Penza shopping center “Berlin” will hold the fifth annual forum “Business Development” organized by the center of research and practical assistance “Maximum.” The event will take place on Tuesday, November 17.

Penza to hold 5th “Business Development” forum

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This year’s topic for the meeting is “2015-2016: Results, Trends. Challenges and Possibilities. To Rise, or to Fall?”

During the forum, its guests will discuss the prolong declining trends caused by the shocks to the country’s economy, learn about the near-future expectations of economists, and study methods to keep financial results of their companies within the thresholds.

Moreover, the event will also deal with aspects of financial analysis, crisis management and sales technique.

One of the key lecturers invited to the forum is Vladislav Zhukovsky, economist, assets manager, stock exchange expert, financial consultant, who will hold a panel titled “On Perspectives of Economy Degradation and Business Development in 2016.”

Another notable speaker and forum moderator will be Dmitry Potapenko, general manager of “Pyaterochka” and “Karusel” retail store chains, sales and marketing VP for Grundig GmbH, with a report titled “Finances for Proprietors. P&L, IPO and Other Swearwords. How do You Avoid Looking Stupid during Talks with CFOs and Accountants?”

Moreover, the forum audience will also have an opportunity to learn from the experience and example of Yefim Chebotarev, interim manager; Alexander Tikhonov, general director for “Informatsionno-Tekhnicheskaya Laboratoriya”; and Albert Tyutin, hands-on consultant in advertisement and promotion techniques.

The forum will conclude with a large panel discussion together with Penza businessmen and experts.

Overall, the event is expected to bring together over 200 business owners and top managers from Penza, Saratov and Saransk.

Companies who would like to take part in the event must undergo a registration procedure on the forum website.

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