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Penza plans over 4.5 billion rubles for education in 2016

16:41 | 17.11.2015 | Economy


Penza, 17 November 2015. PenzaNews. A total of 4,562.7 million rubles will be allocated from the Penza budget for education in 2016, announced Olga Zavyalkina, head of the city’s financial department, during the meeting of the permanent City Duma committee on education, healthcare, science, culture and social issues that took place on Tuesday, November 17.

The expenses in this field, just like in all others, were cut down by 5% of the current year’s levels in next year’s budget draft, she pointed out.

In 2016, according to plans, 337 million rubles will be spent on culture, 1,079.4 million rubles on social policy, and 54.7 million rubles on sports and physical education, Olga Zavyalkina added.

“We left the funding for ‘Zenit’ and rugby clubs in the project, but excluded the funding for the cycling club for 2016,” she clarified.

The tax part of the field’s budget was formed completely and already takes into account the newly-opened institutions, working equipment and required fuel, explained the head of the financial department.

“But I would like to point out that the budget project is not 100% complete in regards to communal expenses for the [Penza] education department. It will go like this: we are taking the obligation, and all saved money throughout the year in the field will be redirected there to compensate this way. We plan to do the same in 2016,” Olga Zavyalkina said.

Moreover, 143.9 million rubles will be potentially allocated for school meals, she added.

“We can also mention the funding to finalize the payment for completed works over the Izmaylova street kindergarten, the additional buildings for Experimentalnaya and Ternovskovo streets kindergartens we will be building and opening this year, with payment being provided in 2016,” stressed the head of the financial department.

In addition, along with buyout of land plots and garages in 2016, the authorities intend to allocate money for construction of a school by Shevchenko and Novovo Kavkaza streets, she pointed out.

“30 million rubles is allocated for the initial stage,” Olga Zavyalkina clarified.

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