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Penza technopark “Rameev” holds presentation for cluster enterprises

09:47 | 27.11.2015 | Economy


Penza, 27 November 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza technopark “Rameev” held a presentation of its technological capabilities on Thursday, November 26. The event, organized by the Center for Cluster Development, brought together authorities, science researchers and businessmen, as well as heads and professionals from cluster enterprises of the Penza region.

Penza technopark “Rameev” holds presentation for cluster enterprises

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The guests had a detailed guided tour through the technopark by Dmitry Gainullin, general director of the Technology Commercialization Center, who demonstrated them the production base and equipment available at the technopark.

Moreover, the visitors got acquainted with the infrastructure at “Rameev,” such as the technology commercialization center and the prototype building center.

The guests went through several areas, including the production preparation zone for prototyping, additional treatment and non-molded plastic production; as well as precision production zone for construction of rotary elements, body frames, details, connection elements of various sizes and forms with required surface grain and additional capabilities, as well as treatment of high alloys and super alloys.

The guests also took interest in the equipment in the high-precision finishing zone for treatment of details that require very precise dimensions and surface properties, as well as the electrical discharge machining section for cutting, piercing, finishing and treatment of geometrically complex surfaces, along with a sharpening section.

The laser zone attracted a great attention. In this section, the technopark arranged the necessary equipment for laser wielding of hard-processing details, figure cutting of any shapes and forms, engraving of logos and symbols, as well as molding of one material into another.

The guests were excited to see the available equipment and machinery.

The guided tour was followed by a roundtable discussion and a Q&A session with the management of “Rameev.”

The meeting began with a speech by Mikhail Lyashkov, general director of the Center for Cluster Development, on main areas of work for his organization and opportunities it offers to heads of regional clusters.

He placed particular emphasis on the center’s vital support of joint projects by cluster companies that involves using the resources provided by the regional development institutions, including “Rameev” and its prototyping center.

He was followed by Dmitry Gainullin, who invited the guests into mutually beneficial cooperation.

“We will be pleased to work with you. It is very important for us to keep the technopark’s equipment working. If you have an understanding that you need some equipment, and especially if you share it across your cluster, and if we conclude there will be at least a small market niche for it, we can include your wishes in our next request to the Russian Economic Development Ministry,” he said.

In turn, Mikhail Torgashin, head of the Penza region Production Ministry, stressed that the production cluster has a great future.

“We invited here quite a few technology professionals to learn more about capabilities of the equipment we have received under the technopark and technology commercialization center projects. We are invested in seeing all enterprises in need of tooling machinery use the potential and capabilities that we have,” he explained.

Mikhail Torgashin added that he hopes to see new preliminary agreements on creation of production prototypes or small production batches after this presentation.

“As we bought this equipment mostly on budget money, these services will cost less than commercial ones. Because of that, we believe it will aid in stimulation and support for start-of-production companies and enterprises in the Penza region,” said the head of the regional Production Ministry.

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