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Yana Kuprina highlighted SME orientation in Russian Presidential Address

15:35 | 03.12.2015 | Economy


Penza, 3 December 2015. PenzaNews. Support for small and medium enterprises in the Penza region will be one of the key objectives of the regional authorities for 2016, based on the message convened during the annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly from the head of the state Vladimir Putin, suggested Yana Kuprina, Presidential trustee and deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly.

“Overall, I must say, President’s speech was very tough. I think that was a logical outcome of the international threats and worldwide tensions – from which he went on to speak on the actual internal issues of our country. First of all, of course, that includes economic stability, as ‘growth’ isn’t likely to be an appropriate word in the current conditions,” she pointed out.

The economic stability, both of the country and the Penza region in particular, largely relies on a well-planned budget, Yana Kuprina added.

“The Penza region budget was passed in the first reading during the previous session of the regional Legislative Assembly. The final Legislative Assembly session for this year, which will be held practically two weeks from now, will be dedicated to deciding the regional budget. Obviously, it will take into account the notes mentioned by the President. First of all, I would like to point out that the President practically gave direct orders to heads of regions, municipalities and ministries to provide obligatory support to SMEs in regions, including aid to the Russian Agency on Small and Medium Enterprises Support,” said the Presidential trustee.

Another important objective would be maintaining a good tax discipline, she noted.

“Because, obviously, an effective budget very much depends on tax collection in our region. And the President did point out that a great majority of tax audits are completely ineffective. Because of that, he instructed regions, federal ministries, state bodies to follow through with all audits, be them by the prosecutor’s office or investigative bodies, as many cases dissipate outright just during the investigation stage. But, unfortunately, this will lead to a large number of enterprises, particularly small-scale ones, to practically cease their activities,” Yana Kuprina added.

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