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Penza region achieves success in advantageous investment climate generation

11:54 | 21.12.2015 | Economy


Penza, 21 December 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza region has made noticeable achievements in generating advantageous investment climate, stated the governor Ivan Belozertsev in his investment address on Monday, December 21.

Penza region achieves success in advantageous investment climate generation

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“The Penza region took the 6th place in the national rating among the regions with comfortable business conditions, and took the leadership in two categories: ‘Business Institutes,’ and ‘Small Business Support.’ This achievement was made thanks to the formation of good legal base, investment support, and creation of infrastructure to attract investments and develop business. We chose the right direction, but it was only the beginning,” said the head of the region.

Today, the competition for investment resources is tougher than ever, he said.

“Investments is the foundation of economic growth; it means new jobs, tax income for budget, growing quality of life for our citizens. We need to continue implementing the main investment policies in the new conditions, amidst the grand economic challenges and instabilities. This is the main objective for the authorities,” Ivan Belozertsev noted.

He also said that increasing trust between authorities and the business community is absolutely paramount for the investment policy.

“This is the direction for our joint work with the Agency of Strategic Initiatives. This is why we created the regional task force to implement best practices from the national investment climate rating. I instruct the regional Ministry of Investment Development and Foreign Trade to make the task force permanent. We need a roadmap with particular attention to measures for reducing administrative hurdles. We spoke about that today during the roundtable discussion. We also need to review the means to streamline property registration procedures, including land property, and power and gas communication applications. I am asking the businesses and natural monopolies to actively participate in the task force. This is crucial for us,” said the head of the region.

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