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Ivan Belozertsev says important to provide support to “Rubin” young workers

18:31 | 22.01.2016 | Economy


Penza, 22 January 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev said it is important to provide support to young workers of the research and development enterprise “Rubin.”

Ivan Belozertsev says important to provide support to “Rubin” young workers

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During the visit to the enterprise on Friday, January 22, he asked the general director of “Rubin” Victor Bezyaev about their ways to resolve the housing issue with their workers. In turn, the director said that was a very acute problem for them.

“For ten years, we had been a part of Vega conglomerate, and nobody set any limits for us in that issue. I personally made the decisions, I had a trade union committee under me, a housing committee, my assistants. And we bought housing for 362 people using our own money over the 10 years. How? We provided interest-free loans. A loan on very good terms. After getting them, they were slowly paying them out within 10-15 years, but they already had flats,” he explained.

According to Victor Byazev, after the enterprise joined the state corporation “Rostekh,” they were forced to work under the new rules and housing regulations to provide mortgage to their workers.

“We begin researching mortgages – and the terms are so harsh, the banks demand so much money, that people themselves said: ‘No, we will not agree on that’,” noted the general director of “Rubin.”

At the same time, Voctr Bezyaev told the governor that a significant portion of the enterprise staff are young professionals, most of whom are graduates of Penza universities.

“Their work load is 12-14 hours, the overtime is very big. Nobody forces them. They come earlier than necessary, and stay until they finish their job. The people who work have a very high sense of responsibility. The attitude and the atmosphere in the staff makes the people aim for completing each objective on time, before the deadline,” he stressed.

In turn, Ivan Belozertsev stressed the importance to find an opportunity to help the young workers, especially as the region has the programs that allow that.

“Right now, for example, there is a regional program, and municipalities also take part in it: young families queue up for housing if they fit under certain conditions. I see you have many young people working here who would fit,” the governor said.

He added he will direct a group of experts from the Penza region Labor Ministry and construction companies to “Rubin” to tell workers about opportunities to buy housing.

“I simply saw that with my own eyes: you meet with workers, begin describing that, and many young people appear to have never heard of the program, the conditions, and them fitting in,” Ivan Belozertsev pointed out, adding that only the staff members that are guaranteed to continue working at the enterprise for at least 5-10 years will be able to take part in the program.

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