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Povolzhsky Bank sums up 2015 results

15:59 | 08.02.2016 | Economy


Penza, 8 February 2016. PenzaNews. The top management of the Povolzhsky Bank of Sberbank has summed up the 2015 results during a press videoconference with the journalists, including from Penza, on Monday, February 8.

Povolzhsky Bank sums up 2015 results

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The event opened up in an unusual format of “Quest for Guests” business game for reporters, during which the journalists successfully completed all tasks by finding answers to the questions about the activities of the Povolzhsky Bank in 2015.

“We decided to make the popular Russian saying, ‘to hunt for information,’ a reality and held the press conference in an unusual format. While searching for the answers, the journalists had an opportunity to talk with the top managers of the Povolzhsky bank in an informal manner, and, seeing the agitation, it appears both the guests and the bank management liked this activity,” the press service of Sberbank commented for PenzaNews agency.

According to information announced during the press conference, the deposit portfolio of the Povolzhsky Bank reached a deposit portfolio of 958 million rubles and a loan portfolio of 777 million rubles in 2015.

Over the year, the bank achieved a breakthrough in digital technologies: in particular, the userbase of “Sberbank-Online” Internet banking service in the Volga Federal District approached 3 million people; 54% of workers in the federal district receive their salaries by banking card attached to their work organization; and the number of banking cards exceeded 10.5 million units.

Moreover, they pointed out a growing trend in demand for cash-free banking. Over the year of 2015, the number of businessman who are reserving accounts online increased by 92% in the Povolzhsky Bank, while the demand for online business deposits increased as well – by 70.8% over the year.

During the press conference, Vladimir Sitnov, chairman of the Povolzhsky Bank, told the press about the priority work areas for 2016, as well as social and investment projects, and held a Q&A session.

According to him, the bank keeps focusing on interests of its clients, for whom the institution is developing an acquiring network for convenient cashless payments, salary projects, and digital services for businesses and individuals.

In addition, the bank top management discussed with the journalists such topics as mortgages, Internet technologies and practical tips on protecting yourself from a fraud.

During the press conference, the reporters pointed out that the bank shows good financial results and also generates new jobs in the region. The Povolzhsky Bank is a unique business platform that hosts the largest operations support offices of Sberbank – such as two out of the six call centers, the “West” IT support center, and the “Ladya” service center.

Reportedly, in the nearest future, the bank will open a customer care center and a lean process know-how center of Sberbank, and such dense concentration of important bodies shows the importance of the region for the bank. According to official information, the Povolzhsky Bank has a job base of over 28,000 employees, with over 1,700 new jobs to appear soon.

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