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Penza to hold regional crisis response technologies on March 22

13:45 | 14.03.2016 | Economy


Penza, 14 March 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza restaurant hall “Frau Gross,” located in the shopping center “Berlin,” will host the second regional conference “Crisis Response Technologies 2016-2017. Russian Business: Survival Chronicle Or Growth Spurts?!” on Tuesday, March 22.

Penza to hold regional crisis response technologies on March 22

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The event is organized by the research and practical assistance center “Maximum.” The list of invited speakers includes experts, business-makers and other invested persons, who will be analyzing the current key points of Russian economy.

“The center ‘Maximum’ works with companies from many fields and regions, I cannot say the situation in any specific point is fully stable or predictable. Just see how quickly everything changes. Who would know in what world and business environment we will be living in a year, three, or five? How should we live, plan our future or simply avoid getting paralyzed by this uncertainty? How should we do business and develop companies within an unpredictable market and slumping effective demand?” stressed Elena Potapenko, general director of “Maximum.”

According to organizers, the upcoming conference will help business-makers and entrepreneurs to adjust their business strategies after getting acquainted with the experience of their more successful colleagues.

The event will bring together the experts with known results and apparent authority on the subject, said the executive director of “Maximum” Natalya Antonova.

“Other than the reports, more importantly, you would be able to discuss the matters with renown Penza business-makers in the form of public dialogue at the end of the conference. What economic indicators do they think important? Do they see any fields with growth potential? Are they ready to make use of slumping ruble? There is no need to moralize, but there is an excellent opportunity to exchange experience,” she said.

According to the agenda, the conference will open with a speech by the Ural farmer Vasily Melnichenko, one of the more media-famous personalities in the modern Russian agriculture. His report, “New Village – New Economy,” will be dedicated to the know-how of multicommodity economy in Russian villages.

Another key speaker of the event is Dmitry Potapenko, managing partner of Management Development Group Inc., general manager of “Pyaterochka” and “Karusel” retail store chains, sales and marketing VP for Grundig GmbH, who will present a speech on risk management titled “How To Make Business As Profitable As Possible.”

Also, Inga Orlova, managerial consultant, certified business coach, author of “Staff of Gold. How To Increase Effectiveness Of Our Personnel,” co-author of “Retail Jewelry. Practical Tools,” writer of over 20 articles on sales, service and staff management, creator of 10 video seminars, will be telling the audience about the principles and risks of “cruel management” paradigm.

Moreover, Jan Krückemeyer, industry magnate, owner of Reinhard Krueckemeyer GmbH & Co, a family business in abrasive materials, will give a teleconference speech (thanks to technical partnership with Rostelecom) on principles of innovative management implemented in his company.

The list of partners for the conference also includes Bank Kuznetsky, the hands-on marketing agency “Struktura,” advertising agencies “Belaya Vorona” and “Aeroplan,” the agency “Business Content,” the Irina Antonova Massage Parlour, companies “Orimi Trade,” “Art-Master” and “Damate,” the brand “Indylight,” and the restaurant hall “Frau Gross.”

Visitors can learn more about the conference and book a seat by visiting its website.

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