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Former VT factory facilities to be re-used in Penza

13:43 | 01.06.2016 | Economy


Penza, 1 June 2016. PenzaNews. The facilities of the former VT factory in Penza – potential location for the “Soyuz” industrial park – must be prepared for opening and operation as soon as possible, the regional governor Ivan Belozertsev instructed during the offsite meeting at the facilities on Wednesday, June 1.

Former VT factory facilities to be re-used in Penza

Photo: Penza.ru

The head of the region inspected the buildings that will be used as a unified platform for SMEs involved in industrial production, R&D, logistics, and other related fields.

In particular, the governor ordered to remove the obsolete equipment that has been left untouched in the buildings for several decades.

“We must sell the equipment that can still work, even if at small price. In addition, we need to review the potential to give away some of the machines to educational institutions,” Ivan Belozertsev said.

He instructed to create a dedicated task force that would curate machine-tool utilization and building preparation, and invite head engineers from Penza enterprises to help evaluate the remaining equipment that could be possibly used for production at their facilities.

Also, the head of the region ordered the Penza Region Development Corporation to draft an expenses sheet for partial repairs of buildings and develop the roadmap to prepare the former factory facilities for potential investors.

Moreover, the officials will review the means to improve power efficiency of the production halls and place new roads for easier approach, says the press service of the regional government.

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