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Four people declared income over 1 billion rubles in Penza region

16:42 | 05.06.2016 | Economy


Penza, 5 June 2016. PenzaNews. A total of four people declared their 2015 income at over 1 billion rubles via the 3-NDFL declaration forms, says the press service of the regional Federal Tax Service department.

Four people declared income over 1 billion rubles in Penza region

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According to it, 2,559 people declared income of 1-10 million rubles; 179 – 10-100 million rubles; 35 – 100-500 million rubles; and 4 – 500-1,000 million rubles.

As per 16 May 2016, the Penza region tax services received 58,233 3-NDFL income declarations over the past year, which is 2,969 declarations (5.4%) more year-to-year.

The additional tax income of the regional budget according to the declarations was calculated at 188.7 million rubles, or 4.5% more year-to-year.

The taxpayers eligible for tax deductions claimed tax returns for a total of 1,040 million rubles – 77.8 million rubles more year-to-year.

According to the Federal Tax Service department, 26,693 individuals were included in the required income declaration lists over the past year. These include 1,729 individual businessmen, 74 private notaries, 120 lawyers with individual lawyer offices, 87 heads of private farms, 24 arbitration managers, ans 24,659 other entities that received incomes from selling or renting real estate, as gift, or through other means that require tax payments.

19,943 entities (74.7%) fulfilled their income declaration obligations.

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