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Penza governor: Leroy Merlin, other store chains must have more Penza goods on sale

10:48 | 06.06.2016 | Economy


Penza, 6 June 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev instructed his subordinates to expand the variety of Penza-made goods shipped to Leroy Merlin and other similar big store chains by the end of 2016.

Penza governor: Leroy Merlin, other store chains must have more Penza goods on sale

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During the regional government meeting session on Monday, June 6, he reminded that a week ago the Leroy Merlin hypermarket hosted the most recent session of the regional Industry Workers Association that featured discussion on cooperation between the store chain and the producers.

“I was quite reluctant to visit this event, as I thought the industrial enterprises should be quite able to promote their goods by themselves,” the head of the region pointed out.

However, as Ivan Belozertsev added, the Penza region authorities are interested in providing all-round support to industrial enterprises and SMEs, including reorienting the military-industrial complex enterprises for production of the civilian goods that currently enjoy demand.

“In order to avoid overly formal decisions, I instruct you to develop a general roster of the Penza-made goods already represented in the chain by December 2016 compared to May,” the governor said.

He also pointed out that the store chain is already selling Penza-made goods, though the amount of locally made items still leaves much to be desired.

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