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Igor Zaydman wonders why Penza business incubators act as cheap office space centers

18:50 | 14.06.2016 | Economy


Penza, 14 June 2016. PenzaNews. Igor Zaydman, renown Penza entrepreneur, expressed his bewilderment over the fact that the company “Technolik,” which is engaged in active cold-calling promotion of window and blinds installation services, and other organizations of the same kind, are using space provided by a business incubators in the region at a discount price.

Igor Zaydman wonders why Penza business incubators act as cheap office space centers

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“Recently, I received yet another call from the ‘General Service,’ […] They began blowing dust in my eyes over some free-of-charge modern window service,” the businessman wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday, June 14.

According to him, he asked the phone lady several questions, and found out that her company – called “Technolik” – is located in “Tatlin” business-incubator and works with sales of windows and blinds.

“And they do nothing else. Now, could anybody explain to me: why do we need to provide business incubator assistance to such businesses? And particularly in a ‘creative’ business incubator? To help them pester citizens with senseless phone spam?” Igor Zaydman asked.

The message spawned a discussion on the effectiveness of incubator space use in the comments to the post. Among other persons involved in the debate was Victor Ushakov, head of the support department at “Tatlin” business incubator, who actively defended the point that such organizations formally fall under the requirements for business incubator residents.

Moreover, Alexei Shuvarin, deputy of the Penza Duma, expressed interest for the discussion, and remarked that the note about the effectiveness of business incubator use is very interesting.

“Are there other renters of such kind in other business incubators, I wonder?” he asked.

“Haven’t been visiting others too often, so I can’t tell. As for ‘Tatlin,’ they are selling boring piles there, for example,” Igor Zaydman replied.

After Victor Ushakov added that another organization in the incubator is involved in sportswear production, Igor Zaydman stated that business incubators today are used for purposes that are entirely different from the original plans.

“Actually, the incubators have a different purpose. And yet they turned into some cheap office space centers,” the businessman wrote.

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