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Penza region budget 2016 clarified

12:35 | 19.08.2016 | Economy


Penza, 19 August 2016. PenzaNews. Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region approved changes in the regional budget 2016 during the 27th ordinary session, held on Friday, August 19.

Penza region budget 2016 clarified

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The corresponding bill was introduced by the Minister of Finance of the Penza region Lyubov Finogeeva.

“The budget of the Penza region receives budget transfers in the amount of 943.2 million rubles, including subsidies from the federal budget 377.8 million rubles for state support of agriculture, other intergovernmental transfers 563.9 million rubles, of which 150 million rubles from Moscow for the repair of roads, landscaping, including the territories around apartment buildings in Penza, 397,8 million rubles for the repair and reconstruction of bridges in Penza and Kamenka, 15 million rubles to start the reconstruction of the training base of “Zenit” stadium, and 0.6 million rubles for the regional library [for children and youth] book stocking,” she explained.

Lyubov Finogeeva added that it is proposed to increase the annual plan for income taxes by 352 million rubles, excises on alcohol products with a volume fraction of ethyl alcohol over 9% — by 120 million rubles.

“As a result, the overall increase is 472 million rubles,” the minister said.

“In addition, we suggest making redistribution in the structure of the road fund revenues reducing vehicle tax by 287 million rubles due to the exemption of the vehicles with over 12-ton-load from this tax, and the postponement of the payment from October 1 to December 1; at the same time we suggest increasing excise taxes on petroleum products by this amount,” the speaker explained.

According to Lyubov Finogeeva, it is proposed to make repayment of the debt in the amount of 12.3 million rubles and direct 476 million rubles for an increase in funding of socially significant budget expenditures to the necessary extent.

“61.3 million rubles — to reduce the deficit of the territorial program of state guarantees in healthcare, 101 million rubles — to increase subsidies to labor veterans and home front workers, 41.8 million rubles — to pay allowances to families with children, and 80 million rubles — to increase financing of educational standard,” the minister informed.

She noted that they also invited to send 0.8 million rubles to cover travel expenses of patients to the place of hemodialysis treatment, 2.1 million rubles — to compensate the lost income of suburban passenger railway companies in on “Rtishchevo – Vertunovka,” and 3.2 million rubles — to purchase sewing equipment for small industries of business incubators in Kuznetsk and Serdobsk.

“As a result, the total revenues will be increased by 1,415.4 million rubles. The revenues amount to 45,060 million rubles. Costs are increased by the same amount, and make 45,330 million rubles. The budget deficit will remain unchanged and will amount to 270.1 million rubles, or 1% of the tax and non-tax revenues,” the Minister of Finance of the Penza region said.

The proposed changes were supported by 28 MPs, two voted against.

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