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"Damate" company becomes largest producer of turkey in Russia

13:33 | 15.03.2017 | Economy


Penza, 15 March 2017. PenzaNews. The group of companies "Damate", production facilities of which are located in the Penza and Tyumen regions, became the largest producer of turkey in Russia in 2016, leaving behind the leader of several years' standing – the group "Eurodon".

"Damate" company becomes largest producer of turkey in Russia

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As it was reported by the newpaper "Vedomosti" with a reference to data of Agrifood Strategies and Russian poultry farming service, in 12 months "Damate" produced 60,800 tons of turkey (carcass weight), while "Eurodon" produced less than 60,000 tons.

"Damate" is also the leader of turkey production in live weight.

According to information posted on a website of the "Eurodon" company, the project of turkey production has been realized since 2003. In December 2016, the enterprise reached a daily record of 503 tons. At the same time, the founder and the general director of the group of companies "Eurodon" Vadim Vaneev noted in one of interviews that the year was extremely difficult as the company suffered an attempt of a raider attack.

In turn, for "Damate", which is headed by Rashid Khairov, the project of turkey meat production became the first project in the Penza region. Started by negligent investors, the project passed to a group of companies in 2011 in a frozen, half destroyed state at the initial stage of construction. After the analysis of a market situation, the project was completely revised and its initial production facilities were increased in several times.

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In 2016 the group of companies "Damate" reached planned capacity of finished products equalling to 60,000 tons. In 2018, it is planned to increase the capacity up to 100,000 tons in carcass weight. It is expected that total volume of investments will amount to 25.6 billion rubles. The main third-party investor is "Rosselkhozbank".

At present, all products sold under the trademark "Indilight" are realized all over the country through retail chains and retail trade. In autumn 2015, the group of companies "Damate" started export delivery. They work with customers from Hong Kong, Vietnam, Serbia, and West African countries. In summer 2016, the group of companies started export delivery to EU countries.

As it was reported by the press service of the group of companies "Damate", altogether the organization invested in the region about 16 billion rubles.

"The 'Damate' project gave a rise to the development of a number of related industries such as production of forage ingredients and agricultural machinery, construction, logistics, leasing services, insurance and others," the press service commented.

The company drew attention to the fact that the emergence of a federal level project in the region produced a strong multiplicative effect because a ruble of investment in agriculture results in 2.5 rubles in an industry-wide balance.

It is expected that within the framework of "Damate" further development, the Penza region will get almost 800 additional working places.

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