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Penza governor demands that wages at industrial enterprises be increased

10:55 | 20.03.2017 | Economy


Penza, 20 March 2017. PenzaNews. The governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev demanded that wages of industrial enterprises workers should be increased.

Penza governor demands that wages at industrial enterprises be increased

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"According to the index of industrial production, in 2016 the plan was fulfilled by 103.7% compared to 2015. The regional rate of growth is 3% higher than the All-Russian one. During two months of this year, we have been working with a surplus compared to the previous year. [...] If enterprises work well, then wages of workers should be increased," he said during the meeting with heads of urban districts and municipal areas administrations, as well as with representatives of law-enforcement authorities, that was held via video conference on Monday, March 20.

Ivan Belozertsev assumed that heads of industrial and agricultural enterprises do not act properly in this situation.

"Generally, wages are on the rise in the region but this trend is achieved only by advanced and efficient enterprises and large holdings in the sphere of agriculture. That is why, there are people who do not get high enough salary even though economic efficiency of an enterprise increased during the last two years," the governor noted.

He ordered heads of municipal settlements administrations to join in this work more actively.

"We should stand for people's interests, that is why I urge you to arrange meetings and round table discussions with heads of industrial enterprises that work in cities and areas of the Penza region in the spheres of small and medium business and agriculture. You should analyze the salary issue together. It is necessary to be more serious about the issue of increasing wages of workers," Ivan Belozertsev said.

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