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Dome for lamp on Vladimir Putin's desk produced in Penza region

12:10 | 22.08.2017 | Economy


Penza, 22 August 2017. PenzaNews. Workers of the JSC "Nikolsky light glass factory" in the Penza region noted that the desk of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is decorated with a lamp with a dome "Etruscan" produced at the factory.

Dome for lamp on Vladimir Putin's desk produced in Penza region

Photo: Kremlin.ru

As the press service of the regional Ministry of Industry told PenzaNews, the dome drew attention of the factory workers during one of TV broadcasts from the head of state's study room early last week.

"[Initially] we were not sure if the dome had been produced at the Nikolsky factory," the department explained adding that later the fact had been confirmed.

Photo: Kremlin.ru

The ministry added that the Nikolsky factory had been producing "Etruscan" domes for many years.

"It goes without saying that over the years of production, the item changed its colour and pattern, but in general it remained recognizable," the press service emphasized.

The Ministry of Industry reported that the information about the Penza dome of a lamp on the desk of the president of Russia was of particular importance both for workers of the factory and for regular customers.

"The slogan 'Choose Penza products, keep standards high!' becomes more and more important," the ministry noted.

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