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For first time in many years Penza celebrates New Year without snow

10:50 | 01.01.2018 | Economy


Penza, 1 January 2018. PenzaNews. The snow cover almost completely melted in Penza by the New Year's night due to the unusually high air temperature for this season of the year and the absence of significant precipitation in the last week of 2017.

For first time in many years Penza celebrates New Year without snow

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The sun that appeared on December 31 in the afternoon also contributed to the fact that the weather was similar to that in spring than to that in the depth of Russian winter.

By the evening, the stem of thermometer began to fall to zero and by a chime of bells the temperature reached -5...-3°С.

V.I. Lenina square became the central place of the New Year celebrations, where this year not only the main city Christmas tree was placed but also the house of Father Frost, a large screen for broadcast, a fair and an ice rink, whose quality leaves much to be desired due to weather conditions.

After midnight, a concert program was organized for residents and guests of the city.

Hits of previous years were performed by local artists in the square, while Father Frost and Snow Maiden tried to create a festive mood.

There were people of different ages in the centre of Penza, mostly youth, who gathered in the centre of Penza. Many of them brought alcohol and pyrotechnic products with them. As a result, in a few hours a large amount of rubbish appeared under the feet of residents – at the place where asphalt had been removed in the early summer there were empty plastic bottles and bags, confetti from firecrackers, and the air was filled with a smell of firecrackers and fireworks.

There was only one trade point at the fair selling New Year souvenirs.

Others including those with the tables "Shashlik" and "Tea" did not work but were occupied by companies of friends who decided to celebrate the 2018 year not at a festive table but outside. The representatives of law enforcement agencies did not interfere with alcohol drinking.

At the same time, the guards of the order who watched the celebration took care that strongly drunk citizens did not interfere with others – from time to time it could be seen how they were led towards a patrol car. One of them was a man dressed as Father Frost.

For security reasons, the entrance to the square was closed by concrete blocks. The entrances to Moskovskaya street from the side of Volodarskogo street were also blocked. However, at times townspeople saw how drivers drove past a "Do Not Enter" sign near the public garden Box of Proverbs after a brief conversation with police officers who were on duty.

There were many Penza residents walking along the main street of the city. Many of them took photographs with the installation Star Sky as well as with light installations on lawns and near shopping centres.

Some of them used the services of a carrier and rode along Moskovskaya street in a kind of a carriage drawn by a white horse.

The New Year celebrations continued in Penza until the morning.

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