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Penza kindergarten teacher loses job after letting child go with non-related elderly woman

10:24 | 18.04.2016 | Education


Penza, 18 April 2016. PenzaNews. The preschool teacher of the Penza kindergarten No. 23 was fired after letting one of the children go with a non-related grandmother while replacing her colleague, announced the regional Minister of Education Alexander Voronkov during the regional government meeting session on Monday, April 18.

Penza kindergarten teacher loses job after letting child go with non-related elderly woman

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“The preschool teacher acted without any responsibility whatsoever. She was laid off in accordance with the instruction,” he said.

According to Alexander Voronkov, in order to prevent similar situations in the future, the heads of preschool organizations have been instructed to let children go only with their parents or the specific people listed in a letter of acknowledgment written by the parents in the presence of a preschool organization member, and ban the practice of letting children go with people “by phone call.”

“Any facts of a child’s absence from the kindergarten will be monitored,” he stressed.

As an example, the minister recalled the case of the 11-year-old girl who went missing a week ago.

“It was the school who sounded the alarm when the girl did not stay at home that night,” Alexander Voronkov explained.

In a comment on the statement, the Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev highlighted that the currently employed measures are ineffective.

“If there are instructions, but the problems keep occurring, that means the authorities are doing a bad job. That means they are not holding directors’ meetings to keep them informed of these instructions,” said the head of the region.

He instructed the subordinates to intensify the work with the staff of educational institutions to improve safety of preschoolers and school students.

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