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Penza Medical Institute students to practice in German clinics

18:02 | 28.09.2016 | Education


Penza, 28 September 2016. PenzaNews. Students of Medical Institute of Penza State University will be able to practice in the clinics of Germany free of charge.

Penza Medical Institute students to practice in German clinics

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This was made possible thanks to an agreement between the Association of clinics of Flensburg and PSU signed on Tuesday, September 27, during the visit of the regional delegation to Germany.

“It may be a short-term medical practice for up to four weeks for undergraduate students and a long-term up to 90 days for senior students and interns. Selection of students-trainees will be carried out on a competitive basis,” the press service of the Penza State University told PenzaNews.

The university added that the Flensburg association of city clinics is able to provide trainees with free accommodation if the boarding house has availability seats and the application is filed not later than six months in advance, as well as food in canteens.

“Students will be issued a certificate confirming medical practice,” the PSU press service noted, while adding that according to the document the university will take it into account according to the curriculum.

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