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Yuri Golodyaev: Penza private kindergartens are not registered officially

12:50 | 25.11.2016 | Education


Penza, 25 November 2016. PenzaNews. Penza private kindergartens are not registered officially. This was reported by the the head of the city education department Yuri Golodyaev.

Yuri Golodyaev: Penza private kindergartens are not registered officially

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“We do not have official private kindergartens. We have only a kindergarten belonging to the railroad department,” he said during the 28th State Duma session answering to Yuri Zinovyev’s question on Friday, November 25.

Yuri Golodyaev added that Penza has private groups for care and supervision which are known to the regional Ministry of Education and the city department of education.

“Entrepreneurs do not register them, […] because it is difficult to observe all sanitary regulations. […] They are registered as individual entrepreneurs. They do not need a license for educational activity,” the head of the department of education specified.

According to him, such institutions are not prohibited but, on the contrary, are welcomed.

After that, Yuri Zinovyev asked how it is possible to observe the sanitary and fire-prevention regulations in such groups. To this, Yuri Golodyaev replied that children have “normal conditions” there.

“They do not get license because they do not fully correspond to the requirements which are very high. […] It is enough to take a look at kindergartens that we introduced. They have to provide much space for each child,” the head of the Penza department of education said.

He also expressed his opinion that entrepreneurs will never cover the expenses for such private kindergarten that would conform to all norms.

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