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Prosecutor's office registers facts of extortion in Penza schools

16:49 | 30.01.2017 | Education


Penza, 30 January 2017. PenzaNews. The fact of collecting money from parents for buying new desks and windows was registered in schools of the Penza region during prosecutor's investigation.

Prosecutor's office registers facts of extortion in Penza schools

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"Examining the minutes of parents' committees meetings it was established that there were cases when the initiative of collecting money for educational process ensuring came from schools by informing parents on poor condition of classrooms and furniture, and on the amount of money required to conduct repairs of classrooms and gyms," the senior assistant of the head of the regional prosecutor for media relations Svetlana Artamonova told PenzaNews.

She specified that the deputy director for administrative work in one of Penza schools reported that it was necessary to conduct repairs involving the heating system, fire extinguishers refilling and office equipment servicing.

"In addition, one of parents' committee meetings dealt with the issues of buying furniture sets for school pupils of primary grades. After the meeting, the parents 'voluntarily' donated the necessary money," the interlocutor added.

According to Svetlana Artamonova, some schools executed requirements of the controlling bodies, for example replaced old window frames, at the expense of parents.

"Parents also paid for services of front-door securities and service technicians," Svetlana Artamonova emphasized.

She noted that violations of the process of transferring money were registered in a number of educational institutions of Penza and the Serdobsky area.

"Donations from parents were recorded on behalf of only one person and the rest were deprived of the opportunity to use the rights stipulated by the Art. 582 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation 'Donations' and by the Art. 5 of federal law No. 135 'On charitable activities and charitable organizations'. Contrary to the principle of voluntarily assistance to schools, there were monthly payments," the senior assistant of the prosecutor explained.

Svetlana Artamonova added that the head of the regional government Nikolai Simonov, as well as school directors and regional departments of education received applications for consideration.

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