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Regional forum “Communal Services 2016: Problems And Solutions” opens in Penza

10:45 | 26.02.2016 | Communal Services


Penza, 26 February 2016. PenzaNews. The regional forum “Communal Services 2016: Problems And Solutions” opened in the Penza Lermontov regional library in the morning of Friday, February 26.

Regional forum “Communal Services 2016: Problems And Solutions” opens in Penza

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The development issues of the field will be discussed in five platforms. Among other things, the experts will be discussing the work of communal management companies and supply organizations, as well as road and housing service enterprises, and offer their solutions to issues of the day.

According to Natalya Moiseeva, director of the Regional Apartment Building Capital Repairs Fund, the meeting with real estate owners, authorities and communal services will serve to provide a summary for 2015 and outline the key objectives for the future.

“In addition, we will be touching the issues and proposals where we see certain problems. The first one is when real estate owners create their money fund using a dedicate account, with no entity to control the works and their quality. We think this is an enormous problem, as about a half of real estate owners pool their money into dedicated accounts,” she said.

Another issue of the day is related to transitioning to dedicated accounts, Natalya Moiseeva added.

“Right now, we have protocols of general meetings of real estate owners that decided to transition from ‘common pools’ onto dedicated accounts. Right now, they have a period of 2 years for them to transition and for their decisions to take into force. We realize the real estate owners made the decision themselves and realize the full scope, they were not rushed like before, and so we propose to cut down the waiting term to 1 year,” she explained.

Reportedly, the summary of the forum will be announced during the plenary meeting that is expected to involved the governor Ivan Belozertsev.

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