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City Duma CPRF faction condemns Penza Communal Affairs Dept work as unsatisfactory

11:53 | 26.02.2016 | Communal Services


Penza, 26 February 2016. PenzaNews. Oleg Shalyapin, head of the CPRF faction in the Penza city Duma, condemned the work of the Penza city Communal Affairs Department in 2015 as unsatisfactory.

Oleg Shalyapin, head of the CPRF faction in the Penza city Duma

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During the 19th regular City Duma session on Friday, February 26, he asked Andrei Grishin, acting head of the Penza city Communal Affairs Department, for the exact list measures taken a year ago after the bankruptcy of 24 communal management companies.

In return, the head of the city department noted that not a single building in the city was left without communal management, in spite of the difficulties.

“If we look now, we will see no houses without management. Even if we consider the ‘negative-balance’ houses that the communal companies declined to take on – they are assigned and even serviced,” Andrei Grishin stressed.

Moreover, he added, four new communal management companies were created as municipal enterprises.

“All houses have management. If the houses are small, they are managed directly,” clarified the head of the Communal Affairs Department.

Following that, Oleg Shalyapin asked him about the disappearance of approximately 800 million rubles of debt owed by those communal management companies that had gone bankrupt.

According to Andrei Grishin, a bankruptcy supervisor is currently managing the claim activities in this regard.

Furthermore, Oleg Shalyapin brought the attention towards the superfluous approach taken by the Communal Affairs Department during the assembly of its activities report for the past year.

“I completely disagree with the report. It has no analysis, it doesn’t reflect the negative parts of the work, the very painful issues we had,” said the deputy.

He suggested that the vice mayor Yuri Ilyin allowed the debts of the bankrupted communal management companes “to become a heavy burden for the city budget.”

“I want to tell you that we held a faction meeting yesterday, and we decided not to vote for the report and condemn the work of the Communal Affairs Department as unsatisfactory. I would like to call for our colleagues in United Russia and LDPR factions to support that. This is the election year, we are not going to bear responsibility for this vapid work,” the Communist stressed.

According to him, the law enforcement must pay particular attention to the situation and hold the guilty responsible.

The city head Valery Savelyev asked Andrei Grishin to make note of this opinion and provide a written reply on the fact.

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