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LDPR’s Vladimir Zhirinovsky to personally monitor Sanderki village water supply situation

16:23 | 30.05.2016 | Communal Services


Penza, 30 May 2016. PenzaNews. The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky will be personally monitoring the process to resolve the water supply issues in Sanderki village in the Lunino area of the Penza region.

LDPR’s Vladimir Zhirinovsky to personally monitor Sanderki village water supply situation

Photo: Ldpr.ru

In mid-April 2016, Vladimir Zhirinovsky asked the Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev to assist in the situation. The head of the Lunino village council administration left his office several days later.

The newly-appointed acting head of the Lunino village council administration Igor Ageev promised to repair two water wells in Sanderki in the nearest future.

In addition, inclusion of the construction of a co-financed water supply pipeline system will be reviewed by the Lunino village council deputies during their nearest meeting session.

Tatyana Generalova, deputy of the Lunino village council for LDPR, has been protecting the interests of Sanderki village residents for several years. Back in May 2015, she held a meeting with the locals, who complained to her about the lack of a water supply pipeline.

As the village water well is clogged, the local residents are forced to buy bottled water, and bring water from the nearest gulch. Even though the village has a water tower, it is inactive and the water well it fed from was blocked.

Tatyana Generalova proposed to include the construction of the Sanderki water pipeline in the “Clean Water” progrma several times during the Lunino village council sessions; however, her proposals were not even included in protocols.

In August 2015, Dmitry Kadenkov, general federal inspector of the region, held a meeting with citizens in the Lunino area, where Tatyana Generalova told him about the Sanderki water supply issue.

After the meeting, the website of “Penzenskaya Pravda” publishing house released a newspiece with claims by the Lunino area administration head Alexei Atyasov that the municipality allegedly had received over 6 million rubles for all works, built the water tower, and purchased the pipes.

However, the actual situation had nothing in common with the results described in the article – the Sanderki village still remained without water supply. Tatyana Generalova raised the issue again later, during the meeting with the area head in December 2015.

Alexei Atyasov promised to return to the issue in the spring of 2016, but added that that several residents of Sanderki drilled their own water wells and satisfied their requirements, making it obvious that he does not see the problem as crucial.

The press service of the Penza LDPR branch assured PenzaNews that the party activists will continue fighting for installing a water supply pipeline in Sanderki.

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